Series: Family-based Approaches for Building Resiliency in Children and Youth

fba1To support the work of those in the health promotion and prevention fields, PAD and CAMH Health Promotion Resource Centre partnered to deliver the two-part webinar series Family-based Approaches for Building Resiliency in Children and Youth, which will explore the use of family-based programs for building resiliency through mental health promotion and other substance misuse prevention activities.

Part 1 – An introduction will provide an overview of the evidence base for this type of work and review best practices and guidelines.

Part 2 – Learning from the Field will feature community partners who currently deliver family-based programming. A panel of practitioners will identify successes as well as lessons learned, while reflecting on the evidence in this area of practice.


Emerging Issues in Youth Substance Use

Distinguishing Evidence and Hype

hcapp There has been a barrage of media focus on such topics as bath salts, energy drinks and alcohol, the effects of marijuana, and the teenage brain. How do we, as health promoters, educators and youth workers, separate out the evidence from the hype? Our discussion will examine the influence of media-driven information and how to distinguish the facts. We will examine the research and consider what is significant in contributing to youth risk, and how policy, educational messaging and community action can use credible information to mitigate risk.


Exploring Resiliency Beyond the Individual

Theory, Framework, Programs and Application

ERBTIMuch of the information currently being shared about resiliency has a focus on the individual. This presentation reviews the definition of resiliency and expand the perspective to include environmental and societal influences.

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