Upcoming Webinar (Mar 5): Applying Evidence to Health Promotion Practices and Policies

Applying Evidence to Health Promotion Practices and Policies is part two of the series,Youth Substance Use: From Developmental Pathways to Policy Development. In the first webinar, we established how the developmental pathways of adolescents interface with their use of alcohol and other drugs.

In this second webinar, we continue the consideration of youth as a priority population and examine how evidence can be applied to health promotion practices and policies, and the link between policy and service delivery. This webinar will start off by introducing the substance abuse continuum of service. There will be a particular emphasis on the gaps that exist in services for youth. Participants will also learn the implications that policy can have across different levels in the continuum of service. The presenters will discuss the on-the-ground implications of policy for youth, with a particular focus on cannabis policy.


Flyer for Twitter Webinar 2

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