Who this program is for:

PASS It On is a program for senior high school students to develop a health promotion campaign for safer partying among their peers.

What this program is about:

Youth, aged 16 – 19, are actively using alcohol and other drugs, with binge-drinking being of particular concern.
 Youth in this age group have more independence and more chances to party in various settings; alcohol and/or drugs are commonly part of the scene. Programs for this age group are often specifically focused on impaired driving or safer graduation and not on the range of risks associated with typical party situations.

PAD uses a “safer partying” approach in this project as senior students accept alcohol and other drug use among themselves/their peers as a fact. Students can identify the risks associated with their use of alcohol and other drugs and are interested in reducing the harm associated with their use. There are many strategies that lower the potential problems associated with teenage drinking and drug use and which youth believe are more realistic than complete abstinence. Older teenagers are more comfortable in “not preaching” to their same age peers about drinking and drug use and choose harm reduction messages as reasonable mechanisms to promote health and safety.  They also respond to the challenge of building a health promotion campaign using social marketing strategies to convey their messaging.

The program involves one day training workshop for students and support in developing their campaign.

During the PASS It On Workshop…

  • Youth focus on their own experiences with partying and risks within their social and cultural community
  • Youth discuss partying risks and safety strategies beyond impaired driving. Youth develop safety strategies and messages that match the key risks they identify.
  • Youth develop health promotion campaign to communicate their ideas to their peers using social marketing strategies, allowing them to design and implement their campaign.

How to access this program:

The Pass It On Package
  • Workshop Guide for training day for senior students
  • For the Record, “the reality video of an after-grad party” and Facilitation Guide
Supporting Materials
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