Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention

Who this program is for:

Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention is a Tool Kit and website for young women in the late teens and early twenties (16 -24) and those who support them

What this program is about:

Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention is a program tool-kit and website for young women in their late teens and early twenties to increase awareness about the links between lifestyle risk factors – particularly alcohol consumption, eating and physical activity habits – and breast cancer.

Research is now showing a clear link between lifestyle factors and the risk for breast cancer. Research also shows that during the teenage years, girls tend to decrease their involvement in sports and other kinds of physical activity, eat in a less healthy way and begin to experiment with alcohol and binge drinking.

Young women in their later teens start to take more responsibility for their choices around eating, physical activity and the use of alcohol. They make these choices in a culture where there are pressures to eat junk food, diet and drink alcohol in social situations. The patterns developed in early adulthood are likely to continue in older years.

If the patterns developed when they are younger involve lower-risk lifestyles, these healthy patterns will likely continue throughout their life. A commitment to a healthy lifestyle helps to reduce risks for breast cancer and it will also help to reduce the risks for a whole range of other diseases.

How to access this program:

  • Visit the Hook Up website for information on the tool kit, how to run a campaign, or for more detailed information
  • Browse resource components below
 The Hook Up Tool Kit:
  • Backgrounder on breast cancer, and its links to physical activity, nutrition, and alcohol (also available in French)
  • Power Point Presentations: 2 modules that can be used separately or combined for a peer education training workshop, including a knowledge testing game (also available in French)
  • Promotional Posters (also available in French)
  • Hook Up to the Facts information pamphlet
  • Scratch and learn bookmarks
  • A brochure for Caring Women designed to inform mothers, teachers, and caregivers of the issue and to aid them in talking about it with young women



CBCFOSupport for Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention was gratefully acknowledged from the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Ontario Region.



Program testimonials:

  • “I think learning about alcohol’s influence on gaining breast cancer is the aspect of the workshop that most influenced me, because it is something that I typically partake in at my current age. However, it is also something that I can easily change, and plan on doing so anyway.” – Peer educator
  • “I try to be more cognizant of how I’m meeting Canada’s Food Guide throughout the day.” – Young woman
  • “I want to change my lifestyle, this just gave me motivation to do so.” – Program particpant
  • “I’ve always had to want to change my physical activity levels and my eating patterns, this just gives me more incentive to do so soon.” – Peer educator
  • “I try to eat healthier, less junk food, drink water and I’m starting to walk more to school.” – Young woman


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