What’s with Weed (DVD and website)

Who this is for:
These resources are for young people who are using marijuana and are interested in assessing their use and coming up with strategies to prevent, avoid or reduce problems with their use.  It is also for friends who may be concerned about someone’s use.

What’s in these resources:

The 15 minute DVD offers strategies for marijuana users to “check their use”.  With reference to a stages of change framework it asks four young people to look at their use and the process by which they decided to make changes.  A fifth person discusses how he decided to “put structure” and limitations on his use to avoid problems.

The What’s with Weed website provides several of these profiles of real-life users as well as two checklists for marijuana users to complete to get an on-line profile of their use and strategies for making change.


How to access these resources:

For further information, visit PAD’s What’s with Weed Peer Education Program.







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