Test Your Alcohol I.Q.

Who this is for:
This booklet is written for youth who choose to drink and their friends and to their parents and teachers and health promoters who support them.

What’s in this resource:
This booklet intends to remind teens that alcohol is a drug – and the most commonly used one among students, at that; ask teens to check out their knowledge; and emphasize key facts – ones that may not always get emphasized and add information that may be new to teens. Topics include gender issues and alcohol and the teen brain.

How to access this resource:


Test Your Alcohol I.Q. Quiz:

Click here to download the quiz in a powerpoint format.


Support for this resource was gratefully acknowledged from the LCBO Corporate Social Responsibility Program.


  • “I would share this with others.” – Senior student, Central Commerce Collegiate
  • “It feels non-judgmental, it doesn’t make us feel guilty.” – Senior student, Central Commerce Collegiate
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