For the Record

Who this is for:
For the Record is a video with facilitator guide for youth ages 16-19. The video replicates an episode of alcohol poisoning at an after-prom party, as well as the confusion around how to respond appropriately. This guide will support the teacher/facilitator in examining key issues concerning parties and alcohol consumption and lead youth in coming up with “Safer Partying” messages.


What’s in this resource:

  • Facilitator Guide, updated in 2013
  • For the Record (2001) video. 


How to access this resource:


About this resource:

This resource came to be after a young filmmaker, Jay Prychidny, witnessed an incident of alcohol poisoning at his after-grad party. Jay recreated the event about how he was faced with the responsibility of dealing with a friend who had passed out due to alcohol poisoning. We know that alcohol and parties are common for underage teens. Potential problems associated with this mixture, such as drinking and then driving are well known. But the risks to the person ingesting large amounts of alcohol are not understood as well. Hangovers, blackouts, vomiting and unconsciousness are accepted as part of partying behaviour, particularly for young people, and even expected as part of coming of age. What we don’t talk about is that all of these are all examples of alcohol toxicity or poisoning.


PAD gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation, an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Recreation in the development of the original video and facilitation package.


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