Resources for Youth Audiences

PAD has developed a number of resources to help youth navigate information about alcohol and other drugs in a way that is meaningful to them. PAD’s resources for youth present the facts, counter the myths and make learning interesting.

Are you a teen looking for resources? You can check these out, or visit this page for different websites specifically for youth.


Substance Use A to Z Learning Module (by mindyourmind)


mindyourmind has developed the Substance Use A to Z learning module for adolescents aged 14-16. This module is freely accessible online and features youth co-created interactive mindyourmind tools, original video content and helpful information and links to resources.   It is designed to teach young people about substances, including risk factors that lead to use, how they can affect lives, and how to help those who may be struggling while focusing on overall mental health and well-being.


Test Your Alcohol I.Q.

What do you really know about the #1 drug used by teens?

In the words of one teen, “you forget alcohol is a drug… you just drink”. This brochure is aimed at youth who choose to drink and their friends and to their parents and teachers and health promoters who support them. Page includes an interactive quiz.

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Party Safely

Mini Reference Book


This tiny pocket size booklet for is teens in the 16 – 19 year age range. The booklet is packed with quick facts alcohol & drugs as well as strategies for safe party outcomes.

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For the Record

The reality video of a grad party

This video and guide have been produced to help youth, and the people who work with them, develop safety strategies to reduce the risks associated with parties where alcohol is consumed. The guide will support the teacher/facilitator in examining some key issues and lead youth in coming up with “safer partying” plans.

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Alcohol Poisoning


PAD HangoverA slideshow presentation to help youth learn more about alcohol poisoning and how to reduce risk of alcohol poisoning.  Read more…

Hook Up to the Facts

Young Women and Breast Cancer Prevention

This pamphlet contains easy to read question-and-answer introduction to the essentials about breast cancer and breast cancer prevention.

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Young, Pregnant & In Control

Making Healthy Choices for You and Your Baby

This brochure is written for pregnant and parenting young women in the 14 – 19 age range. This pamphlet gives young pregnant and parenting women straight facts to empower them make decisions about alcohol and other drug use that are in their own and their baby’s best interest.

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If You are a Girl

What You Should Know about Alcohol


This brochure is written for girls in the 14-18 year age range. It is meant to provide information specific to females including alcohol stats and information regarding social relationships and mental and physical health. Read more…


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