Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth (SFPY)

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Who this program is for:

SFPY is for families with teens 12 to 16 years old.

What this program is about:

SFPY is a nine-week skill-building program for families.  The program takes a ‘whole family’ approach that helps parents and teens to develop trust and mutual respect. It is a shortened, adapted version of the 14-week Strengthening Families Program (SFP) developed by Dr. Karol Kumpfer of the University of Utah.

When organizations implement the SFPY curriculum (and optional support package), they provide families with a complete research-based approach to improving parent-teen relationships, and to helping teens build resilience that will support good decision making and mental health.

Parents will:

  • Learn to understand where their teen is coming from.
  • Improve communication.
  • Find fresh approaches to old problems.
  • Set the stage for positive discipline.
  • Ensure a consistent approach to guiding their teen’s behaviour.


Teens will:

  • Learn to understand their parents’ concerns.
  • Improve communication.
  • Build social skills to help them make good decisions that will support their
    well-being and mental health.


Program structure:

In the first hour, all participants enjoy a healthy family meal together. In the second hour, parents and youth participate in separate sessions where they discuss a range of topics. In the last hour, all participants come together again for a session where they build on the topics and skills they’ve explored separately.

Facilitator training:

  • The one-day training program focuses on….. Facilitators are also given the opportunity to practice activities from the curriculum.
  • Both the facilitators and the coordinator should be experienced in working with at risk youth and parents, and it is strongly recommended that they attend an SFPY workshop for hands-on training.
  • A comprehensive manual is given to each facilitator.

What is needed to deliver the program:

  • STAFF: A total of four facilitators are needed to deliver the program (two co-group leaders for the youth sessions and two for the parent sessions). If possible, the group leaders should reflect the ethno-cultural diversity of the families in the program. A site coordinator is also needed to oversee the program, manage logistics and supervise staff. This person should be accessible to families between sessions.
  • SPACEBecause each session begins with a shared family meal, you will need a space large enough to accommodate all families comfortably. Separate meeting spaces for parents and youth are also required. These spaces must be large enough for the groups to sit comfortably and to move around in.
  • CHILDCAREIf possible, it is important to provide childcare for younger siblings while the sessions are occurring. When providing child care, a separate space and caregivers will also be required.


Program Downloads:

To learn more about the program, visit the SFPY website. To order curriculum manuals or to schedule a facilitator training, please contact us.


Program testimonials:

  • “Participants start to realize that a little change in their attitudes and behaviours can make a difference in addressing major challenges within their families.” – SFPY Facilitator


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