Peer Education

Since PAD is now closed, for more information, cost of the programs and booking options please contact Patricia at:  or call her at 416-659-3684.

PAD’s peer education programming is based on the premise that younger students will relate to and benefit from the diverse experiences of slightly older students.  They are more likely to be engaged by and receptive to the information and learning opportunities presented by those who are in similar situations to themselves.

PAD has developed and delivered peer-led substance misuse prevention programs for over two decades. The programs are developed in partnership with key stakeholders, including the youth themselves, and have been shown to have a significant impact on both the peer leaders and the younger students.

PAD peer educator programs provide:

    • Peer Educator training workshops: 1-2 day training programs on facilitation, drug literacy, and curriculum activities delivered by professional trainer Patricia Scott-Jeoffroy
    • A varied curriculum of activities, discussion and practice to be delivered by the peer educator team
    • Manuals for the peer educators providing complete program information
    • Menu options to gear the programming to the school community

The following programs are available to assist youth in making healthier, informed decisions about alcohol, marijuana and other drug use through a peer-led program.

Challenges, Beliefs and Changes

A Program Supporting Transitions to High School

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CBC: Challenges, Beliefs and Changes is a peer education program delivered by senior high school students to address decisions about alcohol and other drugs and assist the transition to high school for students in grade 8 or grade 9

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What’s with Weed

A Program Addressing Marijuana Use among High School Students

WWW: What’s with Weed is a secondary school peer education program to address problems with marijuana use; delivered by senior high school students to students in grade 9 or 10

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A Program Addressing Drug Use among Middle School Students

getreadyGet READY is a peer education program delivered by students in the early high school years (grade 9 or 10) to students in grade 6 or 7 for making decisions about the drugs they are most likely to encounter in the next years.

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Why is peer education effective?  

“Peer education is based on the reality that many people make changes not only based on what they know, but on the opinions and actions of their close, trusted peers. Peer educators can communicate and understand in a way that the best-intentioned adults can’t, and can serve as role models for change.” – UNICEF Life Skills

“A peer education program is a way of improving services by spreading needed information throughout a community. Through such programs, people can gain the knowledge and skills to strengthen their communities, advocate for themselves and their needs, and assert more control over their lives.” – The Community Tool Box


Thank you

Masonic Foundation

Thank you to the Masonic Foundation of Ontario for sponsoring the PAD peer education programs for over 25 years. 

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