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PAD had many programs, workshops, packages and brochures for different audiences. All programs and resources had been researched and tested with the appropriate audience.  Whether a program was being delivered directly by PAD staff and associates through a training workshop or presented in a package form for use by local and regional health and education professionals, it was our intention to make our materials most useful to you and your intended audience.  Due to the fact that PAD is closed now, this website is static with access to the materials until September 2021.


Peer Education Programs

Programs follow a youth-to-youth delivery model, with high school students delivering programs to students in younger grades. The programs include a  one or two day peer educator workshop and peer educator manuals.


Patricia Scott-Jeoffroy will continue to offer all peer education / youth engagement programs previously offered by Parent Action on Drugs. These include the three programs – CBC, WWW and Get Ready.

Patricia will also offer parent and staff educational workshops and consultations about substance use.  All workshops and educational sessions are provided on a fee for service basis.

Patricia can be contacted at: or call her at 416-659-3684


Youth Engagement Programs

These programs have been developed in conjunction with specific youth audiences following a youth engagement model; program packages are available for use by those who work with youth in different capacities.

Please feel free to use and adapt these resources to best serve your youth audiences.  NOTE: some of these resources are older with information/activities that are still relevant but may contain statistics and some information that are not current.  Dates of publication are noted where available.

Click here to download the pdf copy of the Pass It On Program


  • Hook Up to Breast Cancer Prevention (2008/09)- a program package to help young women, ages 16-24 increase awareness about the risk of breast cancer related to alcohol and other lifestyle factors and develop health promotion messaging for their peers.


  • YM² (Young Moms to Young Moms) (2010/11)– a program package to empower young pregnant and parenting women to increase their self-confidence and make important decisions about alcohol and other drugs.



Resiliency-Building  Programs and Resources

These programs and resources aim to increase the capacity of parents and communities to support young people’s ability successfully handle life’s challenging situations.


Resources for Youth Audiences


Resources for Parent Audiences


Resources for Professional Audiences

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