PAD & Jay Prychidny’s “For the Record” video makes the news

Jay Prychidny witnessed an incident of binge drinking at a high school graduation party over eight years ago. Although he was not the one in need of medical attention he watched as paramedics wheeled a young girl out of the house on a gurney. Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) approached Jay and asked him to turn his story into a 20 minute video re-enactment. PAD uses the video as a tool to warn parents and youth about the possible consequences of binge drinking. Excessive drinking among youths continues to be a concern and many youth do not seem to understand the often-deadly affects.

Andrea Gordon wrote an article about binge drinking entitled “Don’t Drink and Die,” that was featured in the Toronto Star (June 24, 2005). Jay Prychidny’s story was mentioned along with data about youth binge drinking and it’s hazardous affects. The article quoted many physicians and mental health workers as well as Diane Buhler of Parent Action on Drugs. The article warns parents not only to be worried about impaired driving but also to remember the numerous other health problems excessive drinking can cause.

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