Many of PAD’s resources are available to download free of charge. To view our resources online, visit our programs and resources listing.

PAD is now closed so unfortunately we can no longer provide any hard copies of our materials.  

Any inquiries about the Parent Action Pack and the Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth Program should be directed to OPHA (Ontario Public Health Association) either through e-mail, admin@opha.on.ca or call 416-367-3313. 

The Weed Like to Know Chat bot can still be accessed through the PAD website. Click on chatbot button.

For information on cannabis and accessing the CYC and SMS tools please go to www.whatswithweed.ca

If you have questions about these resources please contact NICHE by e-mail, info@nichecanada.com The NICHE website is www.nichecanada.com

For any information, costs or questions about the Peer Education Programs please contact Patricia Scott-Jeoffroy psjconsulting@icloud.com 

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