The Latest Stats & Facts: Monthly Round Up (November 2013)

Each month PAD compiles the latest news, evidence and resources about parenting, teen development, and alcohol and other drugs into a single blog post.  Have something to add? Please let us know!

  • Public health services, police service, and school board in Hamilton partnered to develop an animated video on Strategies for Parents to Prevent Underage Drinking. The strategies include parental monitoring, provision of alcohol, general discipline, parental modelling, parent-child relationship quality, and general communication.(added November 21, 2013)

  • Éduc’alcool created a guide to help parents talk to their children, pre-teens and teens about alcohol. Be prepared to talk to your children about drinking believes that prevention begins with family. The information provided will help parents educate their children about drinking and how to better handle certain alcohol-related situations. (added November 14, 2013)
  • Here to Help developed a guide for parents about youth cannabis use.  Cannabis Use and Youth explores and explains common myths, facts and misunderstandings about cannabis and offers parents tips on connecting with their youth to build a strong, open relationship. (added November 8, 2013)
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