The Latest Stats & Facts: Monthly Round Up (January 2014)

Each month PAD compiles the latest news, evidence and resources about parenting, teen development, and alcohol and other drugs into a single blog post.  Have something to add? Please let us know!

  • Ottawa Public Health launched “have THAT talk” – a mental health video campaign to give parents more information about mental health. The videos aim to give parents the knowledge and resources they need to talk about mental health with their teen.  
  • news article shares some data about the effects of marijuana on the developing teen brain, highlighting why its important for parents to discuss pot with their teens.  The article quotes and links to several recent studies.
  • An American study finds that middle and high school students who reported occasional drinking and getting drunk tended to have higher “social connectedness” than their peers who did not drink.  This news article outlines findings, including that teens who drink reported having an extra half a friend, compared to those who do not drink. Those who got drunk reported one additional friend compared to peers who do not drink. 
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