Special Interest Areas

Young Women, Alcohol and Sexual Assault

Why Mothers are the Last to Know

This brochure is written for mothers of girls aged 14 – 18 years old to help mothers understand the facts about alcohol and sexual assault in order to open up a discussion on the topic with their daughters.

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Caring Women’s Brochure

Is a teenage girl you care about at risk for breast cancer?

This brochure is written for mothers, caregivers and other caring women in the lives of girls in the 16 – 22 age range. This pamphlet raises awareness about the link between lifestyle risk factors, including alcohol consumption among young women and the increased risk for breast cancer.

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Young, Pregnant & In Control

Making Healthy Choices for You and Your Baby

This brochure is written for pregnant and parenting young women in the 14 – 19 age range. This pamphlet gives young pregnant and parenting women straight facts to empower them make decisions about alcohol and other drug use that are in their own and their baby’s best interest.

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