Building Community Capacity for SFPY in English and French!

combined logo PAD is very excited to be working on three projects to introduce, train and support multiple implementations of SFPY across the province – in both English and French.


Drug Strategy Communities Initiation Fund (Health Canada)

We are well into the implementation phase of our Health Canada funded project:  Building Community Capacity to Increase Youth Resiliency through a Strengthening Families Model.  In this project we are working with 9 regional partners across Ontario in Kenora, Pembroke, Waterloo and county,Dunnville, Sarnia, Kingston, Peterborough and Toronto.


Canada-Ontario Agreement on French Language Services (Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care)

Working in conjunction with Health Nexus, we have translated the SFPY curriculum into French and are working with and advisory committee to pilot SFPY within diverse Francophone communities in Ontario.  Community agencies in Nipissing and Sudbury are piloting the curriculum in the coming year.


Toronto Urban Health Fund

Working directly with La Passerelle in Toronto, we will be implementing SFPY with newcomer Francophone families in Toronto and considering ways to implement SFPY with other diverse newcomer families as the next step.

We are developing a training package, an implementation tool kit, a coordinator handbook and many more support materials for these cycles.

Our team includes Andrea Zeelie-Varga, Sylvie Boulet, Joanne Brown, Diane Buhler, Estelle Duchon,  Kyley Alderson and Kathy Baillie.  Together we are committed to ensuring we provide our community partners with the utmost support needed to build the bases for sustaining this amazing program across Ontario.

As always, we would like to recognized Dr. Karol Kumpfer who developed the Strengthening Families Program and built the evidence base for this program through extended research and global application.

For additional information and to keep up-to-date on our project developments, go to: or follow along on Twitter wish #SFPY.

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