This information is available from PAD’s Parent & Community Handbook, 7th edition.


The most common are the “anabolic steroids” which are a chemically made form of the male sex hormone, testosterone. Young people, particularly males, use steroids to help them perform better in athletics, increase their muscle size, and change their appearance.

Short-term Effects

  • the person may become aggressive, edgy, impatient and paranoid
  • the person may experience mood swings
  • the person may experience headaches, nosebleeds, stomach aches, acne, increased blood pressure and heart beat

Long-term Effects

  • females may become more masculine looking, including body hair; some have been unable to bear children
  • males may experience breast development, decrease in the size of their testicles and sperm count
  • long and heavy use of steroids can cause irreversible liver damage and hardening of the arteries that may end in a heart attack or stroke
  • long and heavy use of steroids can cause uncontrollable violent anger called ‘roid rage’



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