Throughout our 36 years, PAD was fortunate to have had opportunities for collaboration and support from a variety of organizations, foundations, corporations, and a multitude of private citizens. This support allowed us to build a strong service system and develop initiatives which were current, innovative and responsive to the needs of our consumers.

  • The Masonic Foundation of Ontario

Masonic Foundation

The Masonic Foundation of Ontario supported PAD’s peer education programs from 1988 – 2019, making our peer education program the longest standing youth-to-youth substance misuse prevention program in Canada!



  • The LCBO

The LCBO provided support for the development and production of two key youth-focused resources: Test Your Alcohol IQ for older teens [also available in French], and the Parent Action Pack print resource and website: [also available in French]. 


  • Organizations continuing PADs programs and resources

The National Institute for Cannabis Health and Education (NICHE) – Key resources such as our cannabis tools (2019): the Weed Like to Know Chatbot, website which houses the CYC questionnaire and the SMS tool.

The Ontario Public Health Association (OPHA) – The Parent Action Pack and the Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth (SFPY) 


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