HC Link

PAD is a member of HC Link, a collaborative of three partner organizations that support community organizations and partnerships in Ontario to build healthy communities. The other two partner organizations are Health Nexus and Ontario Healthy Communities Coalition (OHCC). HC Link was formed in 2009 to form a consortium of resource centres because of our history, expertise and years of experience in supporting community-based partnerships, collations and networks. Together we have decades of experience in providing a wide range of capacity building services to those working on community-based health promotion programs and initiatives. We have a proven track record in providing services that are not only responsive to client needs but also anticipate emerging trends and issues in the field.

Your resource for healthy communities!

HC Link works with community groups, organizations, and partnerships to build healthy, vibrant communities across Ontario, offering consultations, learning and networking events, and resources in both English and French. HC Link enhances the capacity of communities to build, strengthen and sustain healthy vibrant communities.

Learn more at HCLinkOntario.ca