SFPY in French – Toronto cycle underway at La Passerelle

As part of a grant through the Canada Ontario Agreement on French Language Services (Ministry of Health and Long Term Care), PAD has been working with community partner La Passerelle to deliver SFPY in French to Francophone newcomers in Toronto. To learn more about PAD’s SFPY program, click here.

The first cohort is well underway, with over 22 participants!


The reviews are great already, with facilitators reporting that “Participants leave satisfied with the workshops and the environment/atmosphere of La Passerelle-I.D.E. Parents are discovering and learning more about their [youth], and their [youth’s]¬†potential. At the dinner the teen participants share with their parents what they are learning through the activities…We even have testimony from a parent who says that know she has noticed that her kids behavior has change (they are more attentive), and that she herself has changed the way in which she engages with/communicates with her children.”


We can’t wait to share the final results of this project, and are looking forward to a second cohort with La Passerelle in 2016!¬†To learn more about La Passerelle, click here.


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