PAD Annual Report 2014-15

PAD’s 2014-2015 Annual Report is now published. Click here to view the full annual report. 

2014 – 15 has been a busy and effective year for Parent Action on Drugs.

In 2013 the PAD Board and staff developed a strategic plan outlining the key goals and strategic directions that are the focus of our current efforts and will continue to guide our work over the next four years. This past year has seen both the Staff and Board make excellent headway in developing the actions, identifying the deliverables and planning for the execution of priority areas of the plan.

This year we have also been fortunate in receiving major funding to help us expand and support the uptake of a key evidence-based program. It is with pride in our program development and commitment to our mandate of building youth resiliency that we build the capacity of over 15 partner organizations to deliver PAD’s Strengthening Families for Parents and Youth in English and in French across Ontario, from the east to the
northwest, and multiple places therein.

Our peer education programming has continued to grow, as we train more and more students as peer educators to support the challenge of transition from elementary to high school. This year we introduced a new curriculum – Get Ready – which focuses on preparing younger students, in the middle years, to understand the decisions they will encounter about alcohol and other drugs.

Our collaboration with our co-members in the HC Link consortium continues to bring added value to PAD in terms of the breadth of our health promotion outreach and to HC Link as we provide the lead for the communications and knowledge exchange areas.

During the year we have had strong acknowledgement of the high regard for our organization’s expertise in the area of substance misuse prevention and youth resiliency. Through our knowledgable staff, consultants and partners, we continue to expand and share our information and experience presenting webinars, writing blogs and bringing forward the latest studies on our social media accounts.

We would like to thank the wonderful, collaborating team of staff, consultants, Board members, volunteers and supporters who have shown such dedication to PAD’s mission and provided leadership, expertise, and commitment to help PAD improve the health and well-being of young people.


Nancy Bardecki (Board Chair) and Diane Buhler (Executive Director)

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