Launch of the Parent Action Pack

New resource helps parents guide teens in making healthier and safer decisions about alcohol and other drugs


Toronto, ON – September 4, 2013 – Just in time for the new school year, Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) is launching the Parent Action Pack, a free online and print resource that provides parents with a toolkit of essential facts and talking points about alcohol and other drugs along with effective strategies to enable them to have meaningful discussions with their teens and guide them in making healthier and safer decisions.

“The Parent Action Pack is unique as it brings together alcohol with other commonly used drugs into one practical guide to encourage parents to talk with their teens as they head back to school and throughout the year,” says Diane Buhler, Executive Director, Parent Action on Drugs. “We know that parents want reliable information that they can easily digest and apply.  Our goal is to provide parents with the tools to help their sons and daughters make healthier choices and give them the confidence and resiliency to successfully deal with the stresses that impact teens today.”

Alcohol is still the most frequently used drug by teens, with 80 per cent of grade 12 students reporting having a drink in the past year. Parents’ influence related to drinking has grown significantly over the past 10 years and a recent survey reports that three-quarters of surveyed teens said their parents were their leading influence in their decisions about drinking.

In addition to alcohol, the brochure also covers a number of other common drugs such as caffeine, marijuana and prescription pills readily available to (and used by) youth. In fact, a third of students in grades 10-12 report being offered, sold or given a drug at school once in the past year.

The Parent Action Pack can be downloaded for free at Parents can also visit this website as a regular source for additional facts, references and links to new sources of information and research related to teens.  Information about the studies and science behind the resource are also outlined on the website.  In addition, print copies can be ordered by contacting PAD.

The Parent Action Pack is also packaged with the fall issue of LCBO’s consumer magazine, FOOD&DRINK, available at LCBO stores across Ontario starting September 4.

“As a socially responsible retailer, every day in each of our 635 stores across Ontario our frontline staff refuse service to minors,” says LCBO President & CEO Bob Peter. “We’re pleased to promote The Parent Action Pack as it’s a valuable resource for every parent of a teen to help promote fact-based, effective discussions about alcohol and other drugs.”

PAD thanks the LCBO for supporting the development, production and distribution of the Parent Action Pack.

Parent Action on Drugs (PAD) was started 30 years ago by a group of parents concerned about the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the lives of their teenage children. Since then, PAD has become a leader in developing programs and resources for youth, parents, professionals and community members. For more information and other resources from PAD, visit our website at:


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