PAD works with Silent Voice to develop ASL resources

With funding from the Drug Prevention Community Investment Fund of Toronto, PAD formed a partnership with Silent Voice, an organization serving Deaf children, youth and families in Sign Language environment. Together, we developed a program in consultation with deaf and hard of hearing students at George Brown Community College. With their help, a peer education program was developed with senior students from the Deaf and Hard of Hearing programs in two Toronto high schools. Using the PAD Peer Education model,these students then delivered the program to younger students.

This project was very successful in the partnership between Silent Voice and Parent Action on Drugs with a great deal of learning on both sides. The facilitators, peer educators and younger youth in the two involved schools, as well the youth community groups at Silent Voice, all gained more knowledge about substance use and misuse and appreciated the opportunities to voice their opinions and be heard.

The project has moved into its next stage, with Silent Voice taking the lead, and PAD providing training, consultation and resources. The students are developing a DVD, using the What’s With Weed video as a model, and will use it to further train high school students this year.

View the videos here.

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